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Headshot of Carmen Thong

Carmen Thong

PhD in English,

MA in Public Policy

Stanford University

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Postcolonial / World Literature, Digital Humanities, & Cultural Policy

Carmen Thong is a PhD candidate in English and in the MA in Public Policy program at Stanford University. She is a Knight Hennessy scholar and a Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow. She works in Postcolonial/World Literature, Computational Literary Studies/Digital Humanities, and Cultural Policy. Her current research project looks at how literatures and authors from the Global South are “discovered” within the global literary supply chain. She examines distribution (and redistribution) in the literary space and the role of literature in the formation of collectives. She co-chairs the Stanford Humanities Centre workshop, "Colonialism, Post-, and Anti- in the Digital Age" (CPADA). She also trains and competes in Muay Thai.

Featured Research Projects

Published, under-review, and in-preparation manuscripts.

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