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Classes taught as instructor of record and as teaching assistant.

The Institutions of World Literature (click to download syllabus)

Instructor of record (2022-23) for a writing intensive seminar designed for senior undergraduates. Designed the syllabus, prepared lessons twice a week, created and graded assignments. 

Introduction to English II: American Literature and Culture to 1855

Teaching assistant (in person 2021-22) to Dr Judith Richardson. Prepared section handouts and lesson plans for 20+ students.

Literary Text Mining (Spring 2024-25)

Scheduled to be the primary instructor for a 15+ class on how computational methods can be applied to literature.

Books to Bollywood

Teaching assistant (virtually 2020-21) to Dr Roanne Kantor. Contributed to teaching about film techniques. Prepared section handouts and lesson plans for 10 students.

Teaching assistant (virtually 2019-20) to Dr Vaughn Rasberry. Prepared section handouts and lesson plans for 20+ students.

Student Testimonials


from The Institutions of World Literature

"I thought it was really cool to consider what is and isn't world literature. I liked reading texts that I wouldn't have ever heard of otherwise and I appreciated learning about all the academic discourse around defining the term."
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